IT Managed Services

Equanet offers a range of 'off-the-shelf' and fully customised Managed Services and solutions that provide efficient and cost-effective support for your network or IT infrastructure.

Whether your requirements are for a simple, reactive monitoring system for your network, a pro-active performance management solution or the provision of specialist support expertise on a project or escalation basis, Equanet can assist your organisation in maintaining a productive and responsive network.

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IT Managed Services

  • Break-fix: an Equanet Managed Service

    We'd prefer to work with you proactively to prevent problems occurring, but if that's not right for you at this time, then we can provide a Break-fix Managed Service.

  • Outsource: an Equanet Managed Service

    Equanet's Outsource Managed Service is a proven IT management service, providing businesses with proactive, remote management and reactive remote support.

  • Out-task: an Equanet Managed Service

    We can manage a specialist area or support service for you. Our unique Out-task service can be tailored offering specialist support where and when it's needed


IT Managed Services

Outsource, Out-task or Break-fix. Equanet's range of Managed Services can be tailor made to suit your specific business needs to make life easier.