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Hewlett Packard Organizations like yours are moving toward an instant-on, multi-sourced world, with services provided through a hybrid delivery model encompassing traditional, private, or public sourcing.

At the same time, you are seeking the security and accountability of traditional IT environments. Line of business developers are bypassing IT and putting applications in public cloud environments five times faster than IT thinks.¹ The downside of increasing the usage of public cloud services without the involvement of your IT team is that your organization cannot effectively track, measure, and budget for Shadow IT - so there is no real accountability for the usage of resources. On the other hand, you also cannot afford long-drawn processes and time periods for private cloud deployments.

So it is important to get started rapidly with an integrated and open solution that delivers a truly unified experience. With HP CloudStart Solution, you won't have to wait. You can get compute services for a fixed, affordable price, and have them up and running on HP CloudSystem - an integrated and open cloud platform - in less than 30 days after hardware and software installation.²

¹ Source: “You're Not Ready For Internal Cloud”, James Staten, Forrester, July 2010
² http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2010/100830a.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN

What does it take to build your private cloud?

HP CloudStart Solution - no need to compromise

When it comes to private cloud deployment, HP CloudStart Solution offers rapid cloud services that are ready for business consumption, and that match the speed, flexibility, and economics of public clouds - minus the risk or loss of control. Built on an HP CloudSystem Matrix, the HP CloudStart Solution simplifies and speeds up private cloud deployments. Consisting of hardware, software, and services, it empowers businesses to deliver pay-per-use services reliably and securely from a common portal, while offering the ability to scale and deploy new services automatically. Real-time access to consumption and chargeback reports allows you to operate your private cloud just like a public cloud.

  1. Set of services providing true cloud user experience.
  2. Delivery of these services from a pooled, shared, and efficient cloud-enabled platform.
  3. Enhanced people, process capabilities supporting delivery of these services.

Service Delivery and Request with CloudSystem

Here are your business concerns, and how HP CloudStart Solution addresses them:

Your solution must grow as you grow
The HP CloudStart Solution is designed to help you rapidly grow your portfolio of cloud-enabled services with HP CloudSystem extensions and options. The platform enables clients to build, manage, and consume cloud services across private clouds, public clouds, and traditional IT environments.
You can't afford to waste time:

HP CloudStart Solution is pre-architected and pre-integrated, and delivers an end-to-end cloud compute service in less than 30 days. It enables you to deploy infrastructure and operating systems rapidly, for a more efficiently used and better controlled developing environment, as an example use case. As an end user, you can:

  • Request a compute service from a number of pre-defined choices and prices
  • Have the service provided immediately from a portal
  • Scale or cancel the service easily
  • Use the service and not worry about security, application monitoring, patching, upgrade, and more
  • Receive a regular report on consumption or chargeback
You want anytime, anywhere access

Unlike traditional infrastructures, the HP CloudStart Solution gives you absolute control and accessibility, round-the-clock. It integrates various components of your IT infrastructure and gives you a single point of access.

Your cloud must save you money
The packaged services, hardware, and software, as well as the flexibility of customizing your CloudStart reference solution makes for savings right from the procurement stage. As you continue using the solution, you can save through consolidation, resource sharing, and virtualization.

HP CloudStart Solutions Diagram

HP CloudStart Solutions - what you get

The HP CloudStart Solution can be implemented efficiently and quickly with HP CloudStart Services, which provide consulting and integration help that is built on years of shared services and data center experience.

In the four weeks following the installation and start up of HP CloudSystem Matrix, we organize workshops to define cloud computing needs and capabilities, implement, and customize the solution. Some of the specific activities that the HP CloudStart offers, as a part of your first cloud compute service, include:

  1. A series of workshops to shape and define the best HP CloudSystem configuration and customization option
  2. Up to four compute services that can be created out of any combination of:
    • 2 operating systems: Linux, Windows®
    • 2 size compute choices from S, M, L, XL, and XXL
    • Physical or virtual choices
    • 1 hypervisor: Hyper-V or VMware vSphere
  3. Service definition, pricing, and specification for the four compute services selected
  4. Services that are ready for business consumption, with full automation, design, implementation, and testing of the selected compute services, including:
    • Customization of HP CloudSystem Matrix
    • Storage set-up-link in up to 2 storage tiers
    • Backup Integration-link in up to 2 backup policies
    • Basic integration with operations
    • Security policy review and planning

HP CloudSystem Matrix

As a dedicated private cloud solution and a foundation for a hybrid cloud, the HP CloudSystem Matrix delivers an automated, common modular architecture. This architecture can provision physical resources, virtual infrastructure, and applications in minutes instead of months. HP CloudSystem Matrix with Cloud Services Automation for Matrix (CSA4M) also provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and basic applications deployments and monitoring.

Extending and evolving HP CloudStart

HP CloudSystem enterprise and service provider editions
The HP CloudSystem Matrix for HP CloudStart Solution can be extended towards enterprise and service provider editions.

Built on our experience in delivering industry-leading automation, application management, and Converged Infrastructure solutions, HP CloudSystem enables clients to build, package, and provision cloud services to users through a unified service catalog.

HP Cloud Consulting Services for CloudSystem Enterprise and Service Provider editions:
These services provide the roadmap, design, and implementation services that help your organization employ HP CloudSystem in a hybrid delivery model, and as a fully operational cloud solution aligned to business needs. Drawing on years of virtualization, automation, service management, and shared services experience, HP experts help with people, process, and technology transformations that accelerate the transition and integration of the HP CloudSystem for your existing environment.

Additional services, like the ones listed here, can help you focus on people, process, and organizational aspects of cloud computing while making the most of your private cloud deployment with the HP CloudStart Solution:

HP Cloud Discovery Workshops
Define your cloud direction, explore cloud computing opportunities, and align your business and IT stakeholders through highly visual and interactive strategy workshops.
HP Cloud Roadmap Service
Build an execution plan, a business case, and a roadmap of your cloud projects by making the most of the HP cloud capability model.
HP Cloud Design Service
Design a secure cloud infrastructure, develop an implementation plan, and evolve your cloud from private to public.
HP Cloud Security Assessment Service
Look forward to greater levels of safety – manage cloud-related security, compliance, and governance issues.
HP Total Support Services
Simplify HP CloudSystem and cloud environmental support, with a single point of accountability and 24x7 support for hardware and software. Benefit from proactive problem prevention, accurate problem diagnoses, and rapid problem resolution.
HP Education Services
Train and re-skill your top talent, and manage change with focused cloud and CloudSystem curriculum, as well as courses.
HP Financial Services
Pay for HP CloudSystem infrastructure and HP CloudStart Solution only when it's actually in use, with 0 percent financing and utility pricing options.

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